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GetMyOffer Capital One Reviews – Top Customer’s Reviews & Complaints

  • It has a zero annual fee charge.
  • If you make payments on time in the first 5 months then you can have an increment in your credit line.
  • If by chance, you lost your card or if your card is stolen, then it offers fraud coverage to its customers.
  • It provides online banking access to its customers in order to access their accounts by mobile application or smartphone.
  • You can select the due date as you wish and the customer can pay with the help of a cheque or any online platform from the local branch free of cost.
  • You can have access to your account 24/7.
  • The more you use the card the more it boosts your credit for future purposes.
Pros Cons
For eligibility, average credit is
No rewards are offered.
Its annual fee is zero.APR is charged higher.
Zero transaction fee is charged on
foreign transaction.

Getmyoffer Capital One Reviews and Complaints

Customers’ feedback, complaints, and Getmyoffer capital one reviews are given below

“I opened my account 5 years ago, the last date for payment was the 8th of each month and without informing me they updated the due date from the 8th to the 4th. I somehow saw it and now I am very alert in these matters. Be careful everyone.”

“My account setting is set to an automatic method and I pay bills using a mobile application 15 days before the last date. I was going on vacation and before I go I wanted to make things clear here. There was an error in my account information. 3 days ago, I called contact support and they told me that my account was closed to a returned check. I made my payments, as it was my last option. Got a notice 7 days before the due date and I was waiting for my account to be opened once again. The only thing that makes me sad is that I tried to open my account again and I trusted them as I was not sad that my account was not opened.”

“Don’t waste your money on this card, I definitely don’t recommend you this card. They charged me $16.65 with an interest rate even though I make all payments on time. I called customer support and I was not satisfied because it was difficult for me to communicate, as the other person was not fluent in the English language. There is no way I would do business with Capital One; don’t go for this credit card. It’s not worth it.”

“What a shame, Capital One failed to meet their customer privacy and identity. I have a feeling that they are a fraud. Doing business with them is like risking your money and wasting your time. It’s very rare to find their customer support. The agents in the customer support lack skills to talk to the customers.”

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Best Capital One Credit Cards of 2019

The best Capital One Credit Cards of 2019 are listed below:

  • Capital One® Savor®
  • Capital One® Quicksilver®
  • Capital One® Venture®
  • Journey® Student
  • Capital One® Platinum
  • Capital One® Spark®

Quicksilver Card

Capital One Savor Credit Card

The reason why: This card is the best for its rewards. Capital One Savor Credit Card is the best card because it provides cash back chances until you are in the stage of paying attention to the spending varieties. For example, if you are a food lover and you watch movies more frequently then this card can help you earn a lot. Moreover, if you love to go to café more often then you will get the points listed below.

  • You will get unlimited 4% cash back chances on dining and other entertainment things.
  • 2% cash back 2% cash back on the grocery.
  • You will get 1% cash back on all other purchases.

Capital One Savor Card

If you spend $3,000 in the first three months after opening in shopping then you will get a bonus of $500 cash

The first-year annual fee is $0 but after the first year, the annual fee will be $95. Only the first-year annual fee is free of cost.

Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card

The reason why: This card is best for cash back at a flat rate. By making every purchase, Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card will give you a chance to earn flat 1.5% cash back. This card is easy and simple for you and is a VIP card. It is best because you can earn reward points without doing extra work.

In addition to cash-back opportunities, if you spend $500 on any purchase you will get a sign-up bonus of $150 after opening your account in the first three months. This card provides a big cash-back reward in the shape of a sign-up bonus, which we can see it on this card.

Quicksilver Card

If you are looking for a way to pay the debt and make expensive purchases then in the first 15 months, the Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card provides 0% of APR on every purchase after the account is open. Moreover, some useful extra information is given below that you should know:

  • The APR charge after the first 15 months will be 15.24%-25.24%.
  • 3% fee will be charged on transferring the balance to the user.

Capital One Venture Credit Card

The reason why: For traveling purposes, this card is the best. People who travel here and there more often and are not interested in the given rewards granted by traveling will benefit from the adaptable, easily rescued rewards.

On spending every $1, the Capital One Venture Credit Card will offer you two extra miles. By online you can claim it easily with the help of a travel account through which you can make purchases regarding travel. You will get 10 miles in January 2020 for spending $1 on different hotels.

There are rewards for sign-up that you can get, and are out there for you. You can earn 50,000 miles from these rewards on spending $3,000 by making purchases after opening your account in the first three months.

The only drawback of this card is that you will have to pay $95 after the first year, which is free with an annual fee of $0.

Journey Student Credit Card

The reason why: For students, this is the best card. If you pay bills on time then your rewards will be increased. Journey Student Credit Card helps to earn a credit score and is best for students.

On each purchase, you will get 1% cash back on different purchases. Moreover, by paying bills on time, your credit can rise up to 0.25%. In addition, if you pay your bills on time repeatedly for a period of 5 months, then you can raise your credit score to an upper level.

Journey Student Credit

On making a purchase or transferring a balance, you will be charged 26.98% APR and this is one of the drawbacks of this card. You can automate your account that will automatically pay bills by setting up your account, just to avoid the interest charge on every purchase.

Capital One Platinum Credit Card

The reason why: For average-based credit, this is the best card. Often it is difficult to find a decent credit card. The top suggested credit card is The Capital One Platinum Credit Card as it helps the user to increase their credit score.

The features of this credit card are to increase your credit, in the form of rewards that you cannot find more. The annual fee charged for this card is $0. However, mostly this is not true for the cards that approve the average credit. In the period of the first five months, if you pay your bills on time then you have more chance to increase your credit card to a higher level.

Cross something using this card to increase your credit score, which eventually results in getting a better reward in the future.

Capital One Spark Credit Card

The reason why: For business purposes, this card is the best. If you are a business person then Capital One Spark Credit Card is a very useful card for you. Capital One Spark Cash is one of the best Spark cards because it gives chances to get your cash back easily.

Capital One Spar is the only Spark Card from all other cards that give you an opportunity with a high chance of earning cash back. With zero extra work, you can earn 2% of cash back on any purchases that you make. Moreover, a sign-up bonus is offered. On spending $4,500 you can earn a $500 cash reward in the first 3 months after the account is open.

Capital One Spark Card

You will have to pay $95 in the second year, as the first-year annual fee is $0.

Capital One Platinum Credit Card: Drawbacks and alternatives

If you are not paying your fee on time then you will not get reward programs of the Capital One ® Platinum Credit Card. Your card becomes costly if you have a balance on it. The APR charges of this card are 26.69%. Go for the better options if you are looking for a card with awesome rewards and clearing debts from your head.

The Capital One Quicksilver One Cash Rewards Credit Card Offers Cash Back

For an average credit, the Capital One Quicksilver One Credit Card offers different benefits which are similar to Capital One Platinum Credit Card. On every purchase, you can get 1.5% cash back on spending money. Moreover, you will be charged an annual fee of $39. Cashback opportunities can cancel this cost if you spend $2600 or more. Furthermore, if you are unable to spend, then Platinum Credit Card is recommended for you.

The Abac Platinum Rewards Card Has A 0% Intro Apr Period

Attract people to get register, credit card customers with excellent credit scores can avail of an opportunity for interest-free time. With average credit, the 0% APR is a rare feature. The next level is the ABOC Platinum Rewards Card. You will get 0% introductory APR for 12 months on purchases and transferring balances. You will get 15.15%-25.15% after one year of the APR. Moreover, you can get more reward programs on this card.

Is the Capital One Platinum Credit Card right for you?

If you are having average credit then The Capital One Platinum Credit Card is the most suitable card for you. If you are greedy in earning higher credit, you can earn more there is no stopping you. If a person travels more often, then it is very useful to him. There is no foreign transaction fee charged and the advantages of Platinum MasterCard are if you move out of town, your savings will be added.

Moreover, there are no rewards programs on this card and in this card, the APR is charged more. If you can maintain your balance then this card, make it a deal breaker for you. This card helps the user to improve their credit score as they might someday be chosen with the card that has the lowest interest rate.

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