Capital One Secured Review

Capital One Secured Review: Great Choice for Bad Credit

Capital One Secured Review

Quick Facts:

  • There is No annual fee involved, and you can avail of more credit-building benefits with responsible credit card use.
  • With the prepaid card, you can be sidetracked, however, with this one, the credit builds up when used responsibly usually under the regular reporting of 3 major credit bureaus.
  • You get an impressive initial $200 line after making an early security deposit of $49, $99 or$200.
  • After regular use, you can also Get access to a higher credit line. This often takes place when you make regular monthly payments for up to 5 months straight. There is no additional deposit required either.
  • You can manage your account 24/7 via phone or mobile app as an online access.
  • This particular one is versatile in the sense that this credit card is accepted at millions of locations worldwide.

Our brief review

Whenever rebuilding your credit card from scratch, often there are limited features available in building your credit card. With an annual fee of $0 and some limited special features, this is a great solid option for people with a bad credit score as well.

What are the key benefits?

The security deposit is flexible

There is no bound limit to what your security fee should look like. You can start from as simple as $49, $99, or $299. You can take this limit up to $1000.  They also help you break down the amount by allowing you to be able to pay it in installments of as low as $20 within the 35-day span after the approval.

You will be able to access a higher credit line

If you are regular in meeting the deadlines, then you are surely eligible for a higher credit line. With a higher credit limit, there is increased flexibility. It also helped you take control by lowering credit utilization.

No hidden or obvious fees involved

Why most people swirl into bad credit card history is pure because of how fees are involved. With Capital One secured card however you can get rid of this worry. There are no transaction fees involved. The annual fee is $0 as well. However, if you do not meet up with the given due date, you have to pay $39 the next time.

There is a fair upgrade potential

Unlike many credit card options out there, you can easily upgrade to a better account if you meet the deadlines regularly and keep a record of your credit card history. You will come across great benefits even when you are midway through building your credit score. The simple upgrade option makes Capital One’s secured card an excellent choice, to begin with.

Why can you look for other card options?

  • The APR is considerably high compared to other credit cards
  • There is no obvious reward involved in this secured card
  • Your bank account and a check are required. This isn’t the case with many other credit card options.

The alternative: The Green Dot Visa® Secured Credit Card is a good alternate choice. It doesn’t require good credit or a bank account to get you on road.

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