Capital One Savor Card

Capital One Savor Card Review: A Great Option For Dining And Entertainment!

Capital One Savor Card
  • This entertaining card comes back with a hefty cashback. As we have already mentioned there is a cashback percentage of 4%, additionally, this savor card has many travel and warranty services.
  • You receive an extended warranty for various items with manufacturer warranties for less than 3 years, for much less than $10,000.
  • You also get the Auto rental collision damage waiver. With this one, you can get the collision damage on rental cars and be reimbursed immediately whenever you are making the booking on your Savor card.
  • There is a promising Travel accident insurance. With the Capital One Savor card, you can get coverage up to $100,000 on all of your medical expenses. If there is any accident in a case where you were booked from your Savor card, you will get instant insurance via the Savor card.
  • Availability of 24-hour travel assistance. This is the best one! In case you lose your card while traveling, you will receive an emergency card with some cash in advance as well.

Our brief review

This one is good if you are skeptical about saving on all the eat-outs in your plan. Along with the 4% cash back, you also receive 2% cash back on groceries and 1% on all the general spending that you do. This card is overall an excellent all-rounder spending card if you want to maintain one credit card purely for spending and having a good time out.

What are the key benefits?

Capital One Savor Card Benefits

The sign-up bonus

Apart from the 4% cashback, you can receive a nice $300 sign-up bonus when you spend $3000 or more in the first three months after you have activated your card. The cash you receive does not expire for life with no limit to how much you can earn on the card.

Open access to events

With your usage and involvement with the card, you can access all of the events which are VIP, sports events, and chef collaborations. There are many ways you can experience this card to full with certain terms and conditions applied.

In our list, Capital One Savor card has certainly topped our list as the best entertainment and spending card out there in the market for now.

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